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The boys are back in town and they are making damn sure that everyone knows about it. Black Star Riders have made a cracking rock album and are firing on all cylinders for their second release .

From the opening titular track with those distinctive dual guitars, it's clear we are listening to thin Lizzy 1.1. They have taken elements of the original band and incorporated a contemporary rock sound and racked it up to 11. Their heavier sounds is not surprising since this album is produced by Nick Raskulinecz who has worked with Mastodon, Ghost, Foo Fighters and Evanescence. At times you have to pinch yourself to that it's Phil Lynott singing; in this respect Ricky Warwick does a great job of adding to the bands evolution. Guitar God Scott Gorham is so adept at crafting those destinctive and unique guitar solos he must be able to do it in his sleep. New band member Robbie Crane blends in seamlessly, setting down some fine bass lines for the punchier sound of the band.

Bullet Blues adds a bit of Hendrix glamour to the guitars and energy, Soldierstown harks back to Lizzy's Celtic cowboy rock and is a powerful song with some moving lyrics about Belfast back in the 70s. Blindsided is the albums only 'ballad' and has some great texturing from guitars and keys. Sex, Guns and Gasoline is a dirty sexy rock track of the best kind and You Little Liar ends the album just as it started with a fully fledged power rock track.

There are some average songs on the album, Turn Your Arms, Through the Motions which are middle of the road rock; but the overall sound and quality of the album is a winner and will definitely appeal and hopefully make a few newcomers revisit Thin Lizzy in their classic period.

“This could be our finest hour” Ricky sings. He could well be right, it's their best work yet.

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