The city of St Albans has long been known for its affinity with music: it's the home of several modern bands including Enter Shikari and Trash Boat. It's also where Tim Rice penned the lyrics for Jesus Christ Superstar. But long before then,

a band was formed, pretty much by chance that has gone on to have a huge impact on rock music. The Zombies were at the heart of the 1960s British Invasion successfully cracking the American market, where they still have a

strong following to this day. Their initial success was short-lived, they disbanded in December 1967 a short while before the release of the now acclaimed Odessey and Oracle album the following year. The song Time Of The Season propelled them back to number 3 in the American charts, but it was too late, The Zombies had split and one of the iconic British bands of the 60s remained nascent.

However, it's wasn't all doom and gloom, Tom Petty, Dave Grohl and Paul Weller have all extolled The Zombies influence on their own music, keeping the band in the public consciousness. With a loyal fan base, Colin Blunstone and Rod Argent have kept The Zombies alive in more recent times before officially reforming in 2004. The band have since toured America at least once a year and performed frequent gigs in the UK. They have also just released a new album, Still Got That Hunger, and are back on tour once again.

Legendary bass player, Jim Rodford of Argent and The Kinks has played with The Zombies since their reformation. Despite being Rod Argent's cousin, Jim eschewed teaming up with Rod and his band at the time. In a rare interview, Jim talks about his role in The Zombies formation, bandmates and his long career as a musician.

It all began in April 1961 when a group of local lads met up for their first rehearsal. Jim was in a skiffle band called The Bluetones, the biggest band in St

Albans at the time and they performed all over the county. Rod, who is five years younger than Jim, failed to see the impact of this new American style music until years later. “He (Rod) wasn't bothered about rock and roll, he was into classical music and was in the Abbey Choir.” Rod's musical origins stood him in good stead and it wasn't long before his talent would be noticed. “ He won a talent contest on the Butlins circuit. That would be like the X Factor i