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After a five year hiatus, Backyard Babies are back and making up for lost time! Their sound is as beefy as ever, filled with pounding bass lines, grinding guitars and mesmerizing riffs.

Th1rt3en Or Nothing gets right to the point asking: “do you want to rock 'n' roll?” Yes we certainly do. It's a all guns blazing opening track that pulls out the musical stops like a musical town crier announcing the bands return with a triumphant cowbell!

White Light Districthas some gritty backing, coupled with some snarling vocals from Nicke Borg, bringing the band right up to date with modern rock 'n' roll trends. Bloody Tearsis reminiscent of some of The Quireboys recent material, packed with acoustic guitars and a traditional verse chorus structure. Piracyhas a punk vibe more in keeping with BB's usual style including a screechy fuzzy guitar from Dregen and a thumping drum line you cant help but jump to.

Never Finish Anythingwhich has a 90s feel to it, but still feels current. It's desperately catchy with some nice harmonies. It's definitely a potential set finisher to watch out for. Wallshas to be a favourite, simply because of the way it incorporates different musical styles from blues to country to rock. It also boasts an unexpected jazz double bass and finger clicks too. Groovy! Mirrors (Shall Be Broken)is an anthemic song of defiance. I'm On My Way To Save Your Rock 'N' Roll has a dirty rock sound with plenty of bravado to boot.

If these Swedish rockers can produce an album of this quality after being away so long, perhaps they should take a break more often. A welcome return to form.

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