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2 September 2015 Nazareth were one of the biggest bands in rock, but when singer Dan McCafferty left Nazareth in 2013 for health reasons, the future of the band looked bleak. Linton Osborne replaced him but he left earlier this year. Cue new front man Carl Sentance as a replacement. From the moment he auditioned everybody who heard him was suitably impressed, so inevitably there were high hopes for his abilities as the bands main focus, especially with McCafferty's shadow looming over him.

When Carl set foot on the stage at Brooklyn Bowl he had only been with the band a few short months, but already he fits right in. He is clearly a man on a mission to prove his worth and he totally nails it. Vocally and tonality wise he is much more of a high tenor similar to Dio, Daltrey or Plant but with the operatic belt of Dickinson and the swagger and stage presence of all the best rock leading men.

He has mastery of the material and he wears the songs like a an old leather jacket. Heading into Silver Dollar Forger, Miss Misery, then Razamanaz, the audience were so caught up in the music that they hardly seemed to notice there was a change in line-up. Other classic tracks followed, This Flight Tonight, Beggars Day, Bad, Bad Boy, Morning Dew, Love Hurts and Broken Down Angel finished the encore.

Pete Agnew is the only original member but his bass lines are a tour de force. God knows why he hasn't had more recognition. Alongside his son Lee, Pete works to create a seamless percussion section to be reckoned with. Guitarist Jimmy Murrison is the next longest serving member with 20 years behind him. Tonight he was perhaps not as fluid as he usually is, but the wrist support possibly explains that. Even so he is still a serious rock shredder!

A welcome return to form for one of the legendary bands of the classic rock period. Armed with a stellar new vocalist, hopefully it's only a matter of time before they record a new album with Carl at the helm. A terrific and surprising comeback invigorated by some energetic new blood.

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