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The Robert Cray Band is made up of a plethora of supremely talented 5 times Grammy Award Winning musicians, not least Robert himself being a hugely gifted song writer, singer and guitar player. Their new release, 4 Nights of 40 Years Live does exactly what it says on the tin; it brings together a selection of their best music from the last 40 years.

The first CD has 13 cuts released from recent live shows in the LA area combining some of the best blues orientated playing this side of the Mississippi. What makes The RCB so exciting is although the sound is blues based, Cray's influences range from soul, rock and gospel through to archetypical 60's pop of the Beatles and the avant guard guitar playing of Jimi Hendrix.

Disc 2 (bonus disc) and a DVD complete the package. Both CDs combine to give us some great songs from The RCB - gems like Poor Johnny, Smoking Gun, Bad Influence and eighties UK hit Right Next Door (Because Of Me). Disc 2 contains several live versions of songs recorded at the Dutch TV Show “Countdown” 1987 and Live at SFO Blues Festival San Francisco in 1982.

The DVD is exciting of course in that it allows us to watch those nimble fingers of Robert Cray flying about the fretboard. Guest musicians: vocalist Kim Wilson, Lee Oskar, (harmonica), Trevor Lawrence and Tom Scott on sax's and Steve Madaio on trumpet are all brilliant. The DVD also gives endorsements and accolades from fellow musicians including Eric Clapton, Keith Richards and Bonnie Raitt so you are left in no doubt as to the respect and stature that this man has in the biz!

If you missed this fabulous music the first time around now is your chance to redress the balance and fill the void in your musical collection. If you were lucky enough to have enjoyed Robert Cray previously now sit back and enjoy the best of the best all over again, either way a video and CD package not to miss, and if they whet your appetite The RCB will be on tour nationwide from 3rd October 2015 somewhere near you!

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