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The Loosehounds fourth album Privilege of Pleasure sees the band return to their rock roots and from the outset it's clear that these guys are influences by good old fashioned rock. Through their punchy and fun style they are able to take the elements of the bands they love and mould them into original songs which have some great rock riffing, funky bass lines and stylish rock drumming thanks to Richie Doug Jones, Bruce Drummond and Jon Storey and Richard Davies Jones. Marc Heywood's vocals have a touch of Paul Carrack about them in places too, especially on the 70s influenced tracks like Mama which has a ring of Ace about it.

The album opener Into The Fire begins with a familiar riff, reminiscent of 'You Really Got Me' and Beautiful Mind has a nod to RHCP with its lazy freeform singing style. Don't Give A Monkey A Gun – an album highlight has an annoyingly catchy chorus for a rock song, but it's a great tune none the less. If it was a bit heavier it could almost pass as one of Iron Maidens quirky 1980s B Sides. The middle of the album also has some great songs but shifts away from rock to a more indie sound and the lyrics do get a bit predictable in places. The Loosehounds are really at their best with heavier tracks like Valium and Be Your Guy which sees a return to the harder sound towards the end of the album.

The retro rock influences and fresh production (with mastering help from KK Downing - Judas Priest) encapsulates the sound and fun that has made The Loosehounds a popular live band. Roll on album 5!

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