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Thunder have released their first album in 6 years, and it's worth the wait. The Wonder Years is full of some supurb rock, bluesy and thunderous music. Stylistically it has the similar feel to their 1995 album Behind Closed Doors, and the songs are just as good.You may remember them being the big haired power rock band of the 80s and 90s, but they have produced an album which is bang up to date with contemporary melodic rock and would give Rival Sons and Black Stone Cherry a run for their money.

From the titular opening track you know that Thunder are back and mean business. The influence of Led Zeppelin is still apparent from the outset and continues throughout the album not only in the electric songs, but also the acousitc material; The mandolin based The Rain has a ring of Going To California to it which is a pleasant breather after the opening two full on rock tracks.

The guitar work and lyrics of songwriter Luke Morley just get better as the album progresses. The songs are thoughful, sexy, risque and raunchy and all accompanied by terrific melodies– just what you want from a good rock tune! Serpentine and Black Water are a perfect example of this. Chasing Shadows is not only a soulful blues based track it builds into a rock stomper too. The Prophet has a Maidenesque pulsating guitar riff and puts back in some of that rock aggression. Throughout the entire album Danny Bowes vocals are as full and destinctive as they have ever been and he has an energy that just drives the songs and proves his place as one of the great rock vocalists.

Thunder are perhaps one of Britains most underrated rock bands, but it looks like the tide is turing. With this album reaching no 9 on the UK chart (their highest charting album) is would appear that this album heralds a new era for the band and The Wonder Years are just beginning...

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