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Watford Colosseum 17 November 2014

“This isn’t a career move” Bill Wyman says of his current performance with his band The Rhythm Kings. Whilst touring with the band may be more of a 'hobby' for Bill these days one thing is clear: The Rhythm Kings are all about having a good time!

The largely Rhythm and Blues based band is formed with a wealth of talent including Albert Lee and long time musical collaborator Terry Taylor on Guitars, Geraint Watkins on keyboards, Graham Broad on drums and Frank Mead and Nick Payn on saxophone. Sadly Georgie Fame was absent from the show due to illness, but Bill informs us that he is on the mend and we wish him a speedy recovery.

Of course the Kings would not be complete without a Queen which is where the fantastic Beverly Skeete comes in, offering some stunningly beautiful and soulful vocals. Guest vocalist tonight with the band is the equally fantastic Maria Muldaur. Best known for her 1974 hit Midnight At The Oasis, Maria hasreleased an album a year ever since! As a guest performer she not only sings her most famous song but also some of her other tracks such as Richland Woman and Don't You Feel My Leg. It was a pleasure to see her working with such a great band and have a chance to show her versatility as a performer and really show off her voice.

The great thing about the Rhythm Kings is that they not only know how to have fun with a good bit of banter- but they also take the opportunity to give each other the chance to step forward and perform equally. Beverly gives some great renditions of soul classics This Is A Man's World and Sweet Soul Music and does some really spine tingling harmonies with Albert Lee on Crying In The Rain. Geraintwho particularly good at being the band's joker, plays and sings his own arrangement of Johhny B. Goode and the Howling Wolf song 300 lbs Of Joy. Albert Lee who is no stranger to turning a tune, having worked with many bands, including the ever popular Hogans Heroes, steps forward to do vocals on Race With The Devil and I'll Be Your Baby Tonight. Not to leave out the horn section, Frank is also given the opportunity to put down his sax for a brief moment and flex his singing muscles.

Tonight's concert sees Bill playing mostly in the background before reluctantly performing Chuck Berry's Never Can Tell for the encore.

Sadly the audience seemed somewhat lacklustre, although they were appreciative, but I don't think this held the Kings back from having a brilliant time. Long may they reign!

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