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14 November 2014

Australian rock band Electric Mary infuse their music with all the generic influences you'd expect; everything that makes rock great and gives it longevity. They have supported Deep Purple, Alice Cooper, Whitesnake and Judas Priest so they are adept at working an audience and rousing a crowd.

From the moment they arrive on stage at the Borderline they are fired up and ready to go and firing on all cylinders. Their sound takes us back to the classic era of rock, 2 guitars, no keyboards, straight up, no nonsense rock. They kick off with an old favourite Let Me Out, which is a great signal that the band mean business with its infectious riff and hypnotic bass line.Vocalist Rusty owns the stage, a real showman with a vocal style and stage persona reminiscent of Robert Plant and Bon Scott as he struts his stuff and showcases their New EP The Last Great Hope.

Sweet Mary C is a good old retro tune and Nicotine has a lazy blues and then goes a bit Led Zep – a cracking tune. Gasoline and Guns and MBF also feature in a head-banging good set.

Guitarist Irwin Thomas is a demon at ripping up the Blues/Rock licks and his finger work is mesmerizing to watch. He's also played with Dweezil Zappa so that gives you a flavour of his pedigree. Between him and drummer Davey Porter they hold the band together, it's a shame he's not with the band all the time.

Supporting EM were Broken Chords and Kyshera, two young bands who are captivating and keeping the melodic rock banner flying high in an era of screamo and nu metal.

Electric Mary may never reach the dizzy heights of the of the acts they have supported but they have a loyal following and rock fans will enjoy their musical style. All hail Electric Mary for keeping rock real!

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