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The awesome Annihilator have re-released their thrash epic, Feast in a 3 disc collectors edition. Feast, the band's 14th studio album was released back in 2013 but due to overwhelming demand and distribution problems many fans struggled to get their hands on this zombie mayhem. The band's guitarist and writer, Jeff Waters bears no animosity about the fact things didn't go to plan with the albums release the first time round. “Shit happens, but it was well received, we had a great video with No Way Out... it bumped us up at festivals. It did a good thing for us. No regrets.” Luckily the good folks at UDR have given the album a second chance with a special reissue with a kiss-ass lenticular cover, never seen before Live in Wacken DVD and, a bonus Re-Kill CD of classic tracks re-recorded. Plenty to get your teeth into and devour; starter, main course and dessert – Feast indeed!

Jeff Waters' lyrics (with a little help from Dave Padden) are as political and subversive as ever with tracks like Deadlock highlighting the plight of the planet and the destruction of mankind. The world has become even more of a crazy place since Annihilator released their last album in 2010, so his lyrics are perhaps more painfully prescient than ever. The band have gained a huge cult following despite choosing to make their roots away from mainstream metal culture and the record industry, which make their lyrical protests and social commentary on tracks like One Falls, Two Rise and Smear Campaign even more credible. The bands lyrical and musical themes have certainly grown darker over the last few albums.

In typical Annihilator fashion Jeff's music moves from thrash to hard rock to ballads encompassing Maidenesque twin guitars, some ace lead guitar work and complex time signatures, which offers great depth for metal and rock fans alike. When it's heavy, boy does it pack a punch, No Way Out will have you up and moshing in no time with some bitter classic thrash lyrics too. Perfect Angel Eyes is an unexpected slow down, ironically this is followed by the Mike Harshaw's pummelling drums and cacophonous satanic rhythms of the terrific Demon Code.

Dave Padden really shines on vocals on the Re-Kill bonus CD and brings Alison Hell andStonewall right up to date, while still maintaining that classic thrash sound. As the majordomo of the band Jeff Waters does a stellar job of mixing the sound on the album and DVD and still continues to drive Annihilator forward as one of the predominant bands of underground thrash.

In the days of digital downloads we quite often miss the tactile nature of opening up a CD, admiring artwork and sleeve notes etc. This release offers a great package with the tangibility and aesthetics that you simply can't resist leaving next to the stereo! It may not be their greatest album, but it's certainly up there. Feast has some strong songs and killer shreds, it definitely deserves a re-issue to give fans another chance to hear it.

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