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Dirty Heads are one band that it is impossible to put into a box, even

if you tried they would burst out with the sheer velocity of their sound. Their music is informed by their own tastes and creativity, the result of which is a Sound of Change, an album full of songs that shift direction midway and continually surprise.

The titular opening track is a commercial one, but that's no bad thing – it's a song that is instantly likeable because it has great depth musically as does My Sweet Summer,the single from the album which dips it's toe in the mainstream, but the result is a solid pop tune. In places the two opening tracks makes the band sound like a just another chart topping band with catchy melodies and pop hooks but then it's all change.

Medusa featuring Ward 21is a driving old skool hip hop track which is in stark contrast to the first tracks and this retro sound shows the playful elements of the band.Burn Slow is another well produced track with some great guest vocals from Tech N9ne.

The End Of The Worldsignals a change of direction again as does the reggae based track Radio. Burials is perhaps the strongest track since Burn Slow which is an amalgam of all the other genres which we have heard up until this point, it's a really interesting track with some some nice high backing vocals textured into the song. Hear You Coming pays homage to the reggae with lyrical sexual overtones. The chorus is a bit hokey compared to the rest of the track and other songs on the album, it doesn’t quite work. Silence combines rock and rap effectively and Running For Your Life brings us full circle with a uplifting and melodic track.

It may sound as if the band are trying to please many people by crossing genres, but that really is not the case. They are too busy pleasing themselves. They aren't compromising their sound by confining it to one musical style, this flexibility allows them the freedom to combine musical styles and create their own unique and diverse sound.

Jumping from reggae and hip hop to rap and rock they tackle each with aplomb and it's pretty successful. The variety of the album keeps the listener on their toes and makes the band appealing to people with an array of tastes, they pitch it at the right level giving you enough of their genre influences without planting their roots in one camp. Despite the band being around for over a decade this album may just be their breakthrough record.

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