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If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery then there should be many happy rock stars as Screaming Eagles have consolidated the classic rock formula and squeezed it into their début album – From The Flames.

For any hardened rock fan, the similarity in sound of these Northern Irish rockers to AC/DC will not go unnoticed. Vocalist Chris Fry has an uncanny ability to sound like Bon Scott, Eddie Vedder and Chris Cornell, all rolled into one. The band a a whole are great musicians. Kyle Cruikshank and Ryan Kelly (drum and bass) are a strong driving force in the band and Adrian Mcaleenan on guitar is fast and flashy with his riffs. As a whole they have a great sound and energy, but I feel their début does not show them at their best; it is an album where these fledgling raptors are still learning how to fly.

Listening to the album many times just reinforces its identity crisis. It's enjoyable and the songs are catchy and well constructed but it has a a definite split to it. The first half sounds like a tribute to the classic rock era but it is the second half where the Screaming Eagles show their own sound.

The opening track, All The Way, despite its nod to AC/DC, is a stonking track. But it's Track 6 - Devil in the Dust where the Screaming Eagles really get going. It's a fantastic rock track with a killer hook – brilliant! One Man Revolution and Rock N Roll Soul also demonstrate what this convocation can achieve.

A worthy effort and they clearly love what they do, but it would be nice to hear the band develop their own sound more rather than indulge their influences. Definitely a band with promise but I think they need another attempt to really soar.

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