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After guitarist Mike Scaccia sadly died in 2012, singer and founder of Ministry Alien (Al) Jourgensen called time on the band as he couldn't see a future for them without his friend. So this release is the final swan song for one of metals most influential and cult bands. The Last Tangle In Paris documents their 2012 is a document of their last tour with Scaccia before his untimely death.

This is not just your usual live DVD, it is a celebration of Ministry's last live tour and a fitting tribute to Scaccia and the 6 time Grammy nominated Industrial metal band. Filmed in Paris during the seven week European leg of the DeFiBRilLaTouR, this CD/ DVD set shows Ministry at their finest anti establishment, anarchistic head banging best. Working through tracks such as the acerbic and humorous Ghouldiggers, No W, LiesLiesLies, Relapse, Psalm 69, Thieves and the epic 99%ers at full throttle pace is heavy listening, but it is the claustrophobic live DVD takes things to a whole new level.

This live entry puts you up front with the action, it's like having a mosh pit in your living room! It's an explosive, frantic firecracker of Industrial Metal. It's certainly entertaining to watch Jourgensen's bonkers antics and

Scaccia's killer shreds up close and a master class of these Industrial pioneers. The DVD also contains never seen before interviews and backstage footage of the band which makes it stand apart from their other live releases, and definitely gives an intimate insight. However, if it wasn't for the bands demise shortly after Last Tangle, this release wouldn't carry much weight, but it's the poignancy of the release that makes it a special documentation of a band with a lasting legacy on Metal.

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