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It's been seven years since CJ Wildheart brought out an album and how we've missed his melodic Power Pop. In 2013 he started a journey to rediscover what he loved about music; pop, harmony and guitars. With help from PledgeMusic, the end result of his endeavours is Mable(named after his favourite chicken) a new 11

track album which certainly demonstrates everything that he loves about music. It's jam packed full of memorable riffs and hooks, uplifting pop choruses and some classic rock harmonies which really add to the overall feel of the album. What’s more the whole album is CJ in full one man band mode, pretty impressive huh?

For those thinking why did it take you so long, the answer comes in the first song “It's Better Late Than Never.” Well CJ that certainly told us, but is it worth the wait? Most definitely. There is something here to please pop junkies and hard rockers alike. The Whoesque opening of It's Better Late Than Never heralds a radio friendly summer pop classic. The mood shifts with track 2Down The Drain - a punky moshing anthem which will have you head-banging throughout its all too short 2.44 running time, although I'm hopefully that any live version of this tune will be heavily extended with audience participation!

Vitriol is a thumping, awesome tune with some serious co jones. CJ's version out classes the original by Ozzie band Blue Juice and owes just a little to Link Wray's Rumblein sound. CJ's vocals and harmonies are particularly effective on this track and it is one of the songs on the album you will find yourself putting on repeat! Always Believe Her is a poppy love song of McBusted proportions and Kentucky Fried continues the pop rock feel in a song about the rat race and being on a treadmill, which is enhanced by the driving bass and frenetic tempo of the song. After moving from London to Yorkshire this song has a personal relevance to CJ, expressed in the repeated lyric 'fly away from here and get your life back...' it seems that the 'decision' referred to in the song was a wise choice for CJ's well-being and his creativity.

Come With Me is another melodic rock song with more of those irresistible hooks and an oh so singable chorus. Devil is one of the stand out tracks on the album and crosses from rock to pop and verges on metal halfway through the track when it shifts up a gear. From its aggressive opening the songs reels you in with a pretty fine melody and yet another classy chorus.

Great stuff CJ, it's good to have you back!

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