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The Horn in St Albans has been host to many names over the years, but I've seldom seen it packed out on a Thursday night. The reason?: A special performance from Chrissie Hynde who was road testing some new material from her début solo album,Stockholm, out on

June 9. Chrissie has defined the album as “power pop...Abba meets John Lennon.” Having heard the songs tonight they sound pretty awesome; They are well constructed, catchy and lyrically witty, so I'd say her description of the album is pretty accurate.

The 11 track set at The Horn was made up of entirely new tracks from the album and although it didn't feature any old faves, (I'm sure we can expect them to be added if she announces any official tour dates) the songs certainly got a great response from the crowd. Her latest singleDark Sunglasses (out on 21 April), has been receiving a fair amount of airplay on Radio 2 and is one of those songs that you can't get out of your head. It's fun and punchy, a great pop rock song. The girl can still write a great tune that's for sure, as this showcase of her new music demonstrates. Plan Too Far, In The Movies and Tourniquet are all tracks to look out for when the album is released.

The Pretenders lead singer is still looking sassy and sexy and her voice as distinctive as ever. One of the original rock chicks is back with a vengeance and we can't wait for the album!

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