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Ginger is back with his 7th album in two years.Albion has been recorded with the help of Pledge Music, which has become an increasingly popular way for artists to get their records made independently. The album will also be out in time for The Wildhearts forthcoming UK tour in April.

Ginger really let's rip creatively with this album, mashing up genres and turning melodies on their heads. Interviewed in Classic Rock Magazine he says of his new material: " The new stuff is insane - the most challenging thing I've ever recorded. I can't wait to see you all respond to the broad sonic brunch strokes that place highly inappropriate colours next to others...." That really does sum the album up, Albion shifts gear and changes direction on a continual basis, you never know what is coming next.

The opening track Drive is a poppy, soft rock Tom Petty influenced tune which plays with time signatures and sets the scene for what follows. Cambria continues to show musical versatility by crossing between soft rock and thrash and Grow A Pair, has a humorous Mott The Hoople/ Bowie-esque vibe, think Scissor Sisters, but with more balls. The album continues to mix 90s indie, American West Coast and rock with some great harmonies and catchy melodies. Burn This City Down is a good example of this and I'm sure will be an instant fan favourite. Ginger carries on this musical journey in The Order of the Dog which shifts and changes direction like From Dusk Till Dawn, it's perhaps a bit too clever for its own good in places, but it's a great track none the less. The titular track -Albion is one of the best songs on the album and also runs at over 10 minutes long. Epic!

The album is very experimental and does surprise with a few of the tracks. On the downside, some of the more pop orientated melodies can sound a bit samey in parts, but when it shifts gear it's well worth persevering with. Albion definitely deserves a listen for the creative way it mixes genres and incorporates various musical styles and themes.

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