Stiff Little Fingers formed in Belfast at the height of the

Troubles. They raved about authority and yelled about the

Northern Ireland conflict in the youthful way that epitomised

punk. Barbed Wire Love, Suspect Device, At The Edge

and Straw Dogs acted as a soundtrack to what was happening on the streets. Like an angry Elvis Costello, Jake Burns' vocals and SLF's dynamic sound gave us a very raw viewpoint to the environment they were in.

These days the Irish troubles are over, but Burns is still raging and has turned his attentions to other affairs in their latest release No Going Back. This time the band have varied their sound, there's some folk, rock and pop but the punk heart still beats through the album. Liars Club is a great opening track that sums up the tone of the album in terms of sound and content. The song will be familiar to those who have been at SLF gigs and it's nice to finally see it on an album. Even though it was inspired by Blair and Bush it's still painfully relevant. My Dark Places and Full Steam Backwards continue the bands reputation for confronting issues head on such as depression and the banking