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Some performers may choose to take time out before a big performance, but it's business as usual for Lara LouX who is wasting no time in preparing for the Open Mic UK finals at the end of January. Getting through to the grand final means so much more for Lara because she got through on the public vote. “It means a lot to me and shows that the fans I have really support me.” As a result of getting through to the final she has had a lot of response to her music and other projects have come along too. “There's a lot happening for me at the moment, it's really exciting stuff.”

Lara has been giving radio interviews, performing as much as possible and preparing for the release of her début single My Heavy Heart on the 14 February. As if this wasn't enough, she is making plans for a video to accompany the single and focussing on her EP release to coincide with a session at Kensington Roof Gardens on March 7th. Join In TV,a new interactive broadcasting site have also expressed interest in having Lara host a music programme and she will also be having her own channel where she can interact with her fans from all over the world. There's plans for a music festival in Coventry and Coventry Radio are also planning to do a documentary about her musical journey too! Watch this space, it really is all happening for Lara LouX.

Lara is an inspirational lady to talk to, she’s confident, focussed and very savvy. I ask her how she stays so positive and steadfast, she says, “it's all about having belief in yourself.” Having a successful background in business has meant that she's also great at networking and marketing herself and she’s used these skills to present herself as an entertainer and performer, offering the audience a complete package. “I like to give a full performance. I love being on-stage absolutely any chance I get, I love it, there's nothing better.”

In her personal musical endeavours she is using her talents to get her music known and is doing everything she can to raise awareness of Lara LouX and is clearly succeeding. As far as the Open Mic contest goes, I’m eager to find out if there's anything she has learnt on her Open Mic journey. She answers in a typically frank and positive way. “You can try too hard. Personally I think I tried too hard in the area final to impress the judges and show them I'm a total package rather than being a bit raw or showing I was someone they could develop.” Lara is not easily disheartened or discouraged when she has her mind set, in fact she is inspirational in the way she treats any experiences. “ I'll take any criticism, good or bad, absorb it, take it on board and turn it into something positive and do better the next time. You can always turn a negative into a positive.”

Whatever the finals bring, Lara is sure to add it to her armour as a performer and do all she can to bring joy to others through her music, continue to inspire through her tenacity, positivity and charm; The music world needs more role models like her.

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