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London based DJ Charlotte Devaney is about to release her forthcoming single Flip It Featuring Snoop Dogg: An up-tempo, insanely catchy dance track which is fun and original. When I spoke to her she was currently in the studio working on some new mixes and has just finished a track with Fat Man Scoop. This lady is busy with “music music and more music” and really loves to get the crowd going and entertaining people. “Music has always been where my heart is.”

An all round performer with experience as an actor, dancer and model, music has always been her real passion. She tells me how it all began “ I've always been into music, I've always had decks... I started on the radio and then progressed into clubs about 6 and a half years ago.” Charlotte also has a good mentor in her boyfriend, former Radio 1 DJ Fabio. She has had lots of success on the Ibiza club scene with her own original remixes featuring Taylor Swift, Jay Sean and Nicole Scherzinger.

For someone who originally started in the Rave and Hardcore scene listening to Grooverider, SS and Kenny Ken and Hip Hop she is very open to mixing all different types of music. “I'll mix it up and play anything...whatever gets the crowd hyped. It's very narrow to play one style of music especially these days. When I first stared it was very narrow, you had Hip Hop DJ's and Garage DJ's now you can mix it up and play everything in one set. People love it.”

In a male dominated scene how does Charlotte see herself fitting in? Sometimes it's good because you stand out, but other times its harder because you don’t always get taken as seriously as the guys... you have to work harder.” Charlotte is certainly working hard to be up there with the guys, and she can certainly match them mix for mix and scratch for scratch. What really makes Charlotte stand out is her enthusiasm and energy. She clearly loves what she is doing and wants the crowd to have fun.

With Flip It just being released on itunes and more tracks up her sleeve including one with up and coming London rapper Lady Lesha, Charlotte is confidant, positive and down to earth she seems happy to riding on the wave and see where it goes. But now she has worked with Snoop Dogg who else is on her list? “ I'd like to work with Buster Rhymes, Sean Paul, Little John, 50 cent... I'll see what happens, if those people come within my reach... I set my sights high, anything’s possible.”

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