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Tenors Un Limited are an outstanding vocal group. Dubbed the 'Rat Pack of opera', they perform a variety of different music in their energetic cabaret style show. Their latest album Viva La Vita is out now and they are embarking on a series of intimate concerts around the UK in September and October.

This group of talented performers formed Tenors Un Limited after getting fed up with the precarious nature of being a performer and "decided to take control back." Singer Jem Sharples explains. Ten years later they are still together and have played around the world and worked with some of the biggest names in the industry including Beyonce and Sting. "Performing or supporting people on shows is great, we've been very lucky. Sting was great." Jem continues to enthuse about a recent project which was only finished last week! "We just recorded with Jeff Wayne and we've been working with him for a concert at the Festival Hall we're doing next year. He's never worked with a group creating harmonies before. That was very exciting." You heard it here first!

Far from being a group manufactured by a media mogul, these guys are the real deal. "We are treading a slightly different path but no less enjoyable." These three tenors (Scott, Paul and Jem) have a strong pedigree in musical theatre and opera, appearing in shows such as Rent, Grease and Whistle Down The Wind. Jem continues to tell me about the style of the group. "We are quite diverse and different... We have three very different voices so we're not trampling on each others sound. And we have very different personalities." Something which is so important within a vocal group.

Being diverse is indeed part of their appeal. Jem talks about his love of music from Alicia Keys and Lady Gaga and Mario Lanza who Jem says is "everything a tenor should be, bright, open, passionate." This love of music has also extended to the tenors writing their own material including the title track from the new album Viva La Vita. " We do have ambitions to do an album completely of our own material" Jem says. Let's hope these guys do get round to recording it.

Be sure to catch this exceptional trio on their current intimate tour where you can get up close and personal with their wonderful harmonies. This show is one for traditional theatre goers and music fans alike of all ages!

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