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Songwriter Shane Beales attracted a supportive and attentive audience at The Old Queens Head to celebrate the release of his new EP Time. The quirky Islington pub which mixes modern and traditional Victorian and Edwardian décor has a tremendous atmosphere and is a perfect place to showcase rising talent.

Shane's ability as a songwriter is unquestionable and the release

of Time demonstrates his continual maturity as a writer. The title track is a beautifuly crafted lament for those we have loved and lost. Listening to Shane perform his songs I can't help but draw comparisons to Neil Young, Rufus Wainwright and Snow Patrol in the the way he uses unusual time signatures, chord progressions and has the ability to creates an atmosphere lyrically and musically.

Signal demonstrates a rockier edge and is a great contrast to the more sensitive songs like Blackbird. The Crunch from his Heavy Clouds EP appeals to the thirty-something London audience and certainly gets a reaction for the social commentary. Oceans,Hunted By Innocence and PRSM are just as musically versatile and like much of Shane’s work they are multi-layered and require more than one listen to really un-pick them - I'd urge you to download his music to really appreciate his craft.

Shane has great range as a singer and uses his voice as an instrument as much as his guitar. His voice has a raw but melodic sound, indicative of the indie genre from which he takes his influence. He pours his heart and soul into his music and when he performs on-stage he is unassuming and sings with his eyes closed, really becoming the music. A New Year, his final song, really demonstrates this unity with the music and is a terrific song!

With plans for an album and a tour on the horizon I am sure Shane will continue to gain more exposure as an artist and emerge as a real creative force from the UK with a promising career ahead.

Time is available to download now on iTunes

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