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Mike Batt and Bonnie Tyler have today released, for the first time, a song they recorded exactly 30 years ago, in 1992, for ITV’s hit animation series THE DREAMSTONE. Considered too adult-romantic to be included in the 52 half hours of the award-winning children’s series, the remastered track is now released as a single.

The stunning power-ballad represents the two principal characters (Rufus and Amberley) of THE DREAMSTONE fighting against all odds to overcome the dangers and trials of a brutal world, emerging victorious and united. One of Bonnie Tyler’s most emotive and powerful vocal performances, coupled with Mike’s characteristic plaintive pop tenor voice, this song of hope resonates in today’s challenging times.

Mike said “When we recorded this at Abbey Road and I heard Bonnie’s spectacular and heartfelt vocal, it was a real goosebump moment. She delivers her interpretation with such conviction. I’m so glad that it’s getting its moment “in the sun”- and it doesn’t seem to have dated, sonically”

Bonnie said, “Mike writes such beautiful songs. One of my all-time favourites is ‘Bright Eyes’ that he wrote and produced for Art Garfunkel. So, when he asked me to sing with him on “Into the Sunset” all those years ago I was honoured. I’m so happy it’s being released as a single now”

To accompany the release, a new video has been created using scenes from the ground-breaking, ambitious 26 hour TV series


“The Dreamstone” Produced by Martin Gates Productions, was conceived and designed by Mike Jupp and scored by Mike Batt with the London Philharmonic with guest stars Bonnie Tyler, Billy Connolly, Frank Bruno and Ozzy Osbourne. It was a landmark children’s 90s series that broke boundaries and achieved high ratings, even outperforming Steven Spielberg’s animation spot, which was scheduled opposite it at the same time. Recommissioned three times by ITV, the series comprises fifty-two TV half-hours, all of which are available to be enjoyed on YouTube.


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