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Lord and the Woolf is made up of a pair of rascals from the North West of England - Joe Woolf and Sam Lord.

After previously touring with bands ‘Chappaqua Wrestling, ‘Aquilo’, ’LOWES’, and ‘Shy Luv’, Sam and Joe decided to start their own project. With Joe conveniently being a producer they took to his studio to hone and create their own unique style and sound. Their studio writing process and attention to detail spawned a dense and interesting production aesthetic, resembling the likes of ‘Alt-J’, ‘Bombay Bicycle club’ and ‘Tame Impala.’

Following two previous singles including the euphoric ‘Etta’s Game’, this month will mark the release of their 3rd single ‘Young’ alongside a music video.

‘Young’ carries a narrative which highlights youthful lust and love, and how it can harness the power to distort our moral compass. At a point in everyone’s life, they must make a choice to either leave or stay in a life-defining moment.

Young is out now-

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