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Chicago slide guitarist Joanna Connor will release a new album called “4801 South Indiana Avenue” and it’s produced by, and released on Joe Bonamassa’s new record label “KTBA Records” on Friday February 26th.

The new album is released on CD and digital and is available to pre-order from this dedicated link – and on CD from this link –

photo by Allison Morgan

Joe Bonamassa’s been a big fan of Joanna’s music for some time now. In February 2020, he recorded her album at Ocean Way Studios in Nashville, Tennessee. Joe handpicked non-derivative Chicago blues classics for Joanna to cover.

The album was recorded using a lot of Joe’s vintage guitar amps from his personal collection, resulting in a guitar sound that is energetic, raw and authentic. “4801 South Indiana Avenue” is also the address of Chicago’s famous blues venue “Theresa’s Lounge” where all the blues greats have performed. Joe is featured on several tracks playing guitar, and the album also features Reese Wynans (ex-Stevie Ray Vaughan’s Double Trouble) on keyboards.

Joanna has played guitar with the who’s who of blues including the likes of James Cotton, Buddy Guy, Jimmy Page, and Junior Wells. Debuting at Chicago’s premiere blues club Kingston Mines in the 1980s, she played there three nights a week ever since, in between gigs at larger clubs and festivals, before the spread of the pandemic earlier this year.

An aggressively edgy and highly innovative blues rock guitarist with a tight groove that encompasses jazz and funk, Joanna’s hailed as one of the most powerful and influential female guitarists in the world. Joanna’s new album reflects a new experience from the way she has recorded in the past. “This album is a homage to the blues school that I attended in Chicago,” says Joanna. “We attempted to capture the spirit of tradition and inject it with raw energy and passion.”


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