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Video of the week: Jack J Hutchinson 'Love is the Law'

Jack J Hutchinson, the rising star whose latest album "Battles" landed him in the UK Official Charts, premieres his newest video for the track "Love Is The Law."

Released earlier this year to rave reviews, "Battles" earned Hutchinson a remarkable 9/10 album review from Classic Rock Magazine, who hailed him as "an everyman performer who could be very special indeed," placing him on their HOT LIST.

Hutchinson reflects on the album, stating, "It felt like unlocking who I am as an artist." The album showcases Hutchinson at his most exposed, with honest songwriting, heartfelt lyrics, and soulful guitar playing, all aimed at telling a compelling story.

"Love Is the Law" is Hutchinson’s most melodic track to date, capturing the essence of personal growth and resilience.

"The track is about reflecting on your past and learning from your mistakes," says Hutchinson. "No one is the same person they were yesterday, but you’ve got to take what life throws at you and become stronger. It’s about having that light bulb moment that says ‘I might have been pushed to the ground...but I’m going to get back up, no matter what.'"

Hutchinson adds, "I wanted to create a Peter Green vibe with the guitar solo, and place more emphasis on emotion over technical skill. The chorus is one of my most melodic to date, and I was aiming for a Paul Weller meets The Who vibe...basically lots of catchy hooks that will stick in your head."

Jack recently announced his biggest UK Tour to date, including the following dates:

23 March – Rockin’ The Blues, Sittingbourne

27 April – St Austell Band Club

28 April – Bosworth Blues Festival

30 April – The Cluny 2, Newcastle

1 May – Bannerman’s, Edinburgh

5 May – Outlaw Weekend, Glossop

29 June – Wildfire Festival

24 September - TNMC, Coulsdon

28 September – NWOCR Livefest 3, Wolverhampton

1 October – Night and Day, Manchester

2 October – The Black Heart, London

3 October – The Louisiana, Bristol

4 October – The Patriot, Crumlin

5 October – Torquay Rock and Blues Festival

12 October – Voodoo, Belfast

26 October – Rockin’ By The River, Saltash

27 October – The Muse, Brecon

2 November - Louth Blues Club

8 November – Whitby Rocks Festival

Additionally, Jack has announced a short run of shows in Spain, taking place in early September:

4 September – Café Teatro Bajo 5, O Barco

6 September – A Cofradía Cultural, Vilanova De Arousa

7 September – Babylon, Leon

14 September – Porta Caeli, Valladolid

Tickets for all shows are available via Jack J Hutchinson's official website.

Check out the video for Love Is The Law HERE

Battles’ Out now on all digital platforms


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