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Video of the week: Defects 'Echo Chamber'

Rising UK metallers Defects have revealed the official video for “Echo Chamber” to coincide with the release of their debut album ‘Modern Error,’ out today on Mascot Records.

Defects will play three special UK headline shows - 28 May, Old Blue Last - London, 30 May, Asylum 2 - Birmingham and 21 May, Statans Hollow - Manchester -   around the release of their debut album and they will  also be joining Of Mice & Men on their tour of the UK and Europe in June as well as festival appearances at Download (UK), Graspop (Belgium), Rockharz (Germany) and Rock the Lakes (Switzerland). You can get tickets from HERE.

Talking about the new track, singer Tony Maue says, “Echo chamber is one of our proudest songs that gave me a chance to touch base on how I've felt over the last 16 years. It's a song that reflects over what it means to still be here moving forward and the trauma that comes with it. It also serves as a way of addressing the elephant in the room and finally being able to close the door on that chapter of my life. Creating my own closure instead of looking for it.”

Modern Error is breathtakingly raw with emotion. Conceptually, it is a deeply cathartic album that acts as a vessel for singer Tony Maue to organise his thoughts on the trauma of being taken into care at a young age. Threaded through the album are Maue's experiences, how the five members of the band are all connected, and why, at this moment, right now, is the right time for this band to exist. For themselves as much as anyone else.

They have already dropped six singles from the album. This year they released Modern Error, which crushes and paints a poignant message about the path the world is heading down and Lockdown which captures mental challenges. Previously, the Arena bulldozing Broken Bloodlines announced their signing to Mascot records, which followed  Dream Awake, Scapegoat and End of Days.

 They spent March on an exhilarating European Tour with Orbit Culture, which followed tearing through Europe at the end of 2023 with Of Mice & Men, which built on their already formidable arsenal of touring following shows with Bullet for My Valentine, Funeral for a Friend and In Flames, as well as performing at festivals such as Bloodstock, 2000Trees and The Great Escape.

All five members have their stories - Tony Maue (Vocals), Luke Genders (Guitar), James Threadwell (Guitar), David Silver (Bass) and Harry Jennings (Drums) - and the album hits with the heaviness and aggression of Lamb Of God and Machine Head, a Linkin Park-like sense of melody, and a touch of Bring Me The Horizon's fearlessness. For all its heavy subject matter, it burns with vitality, power, passion and woven within is their outlook on the world.

 "We've always been told to strive for perfection, but I don't think anyone can be perfect," Maue considers. "We are all defects in a way, but that makes us all unique."


Tour Dates


Tickets are available from


28 May - The Old Blue Last, London

30 May - Asylum 2, Birmingham

31 May - Satans, Manchester

14 Jun – Download Festival – Derby, UK

17 Jun - The Globe, Cardiff, UK w/Of Mice & Men

18 Jun - Forum, Tunbridge Wells, UK w/Of Mice & Men

20 Jun - Laiterie, Strasbourg, FRANCE w/Of Mice & Men

21 Jun - Le Slendid, Lille, FRANCE w/Of Mice & Men

22 Jun - Graspop Festival – Dessel, BELGIUM

24 Jun - Rockhal, Esch-Sur-Alzette, LUXEMBOURG w/Of Mice & Men

26 Jun - MusikZentrum, Hannover, GERMANY w/Of Mice & Men

27 Jun - Kavka, Antwerp, BELGIUM w/Of Mice & Men

03 – 06 Jul – Rockharz Festival – Ballenstedt, GERMANY

16 – 18 Aug – Rock the Lakes Festival – Vallamand, SWITZERLAND



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