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Taylor Momsen and Co unplugged

It's become almost de rigueur for artists to release an album of reimaginings. What once may have been seen as a 'filler' album of remixes or acoustic aperitifs while the artists bang their heads together for new material, has become a legitimate way of releasing an album with a new spin on old favourites and it's a way for the band to express themselves in a new and interesting way.

The Pretty Reckless, are a hot-blooded rock band but they have largely stripped back and unplugged to offer some acoustic versions and covers on album number four. They've not gone all Bob Dylan on us and the songs are still very recognisable. Although, you can't help feeling that you'd like them to go a little bit further in their approach to the material than they have done. However, 'Other Worlds' is more about Taylor Momsen showing her versatility than the band being orignial and experimental. Listen out for a stonking version of Soundgarden's 'Loud Love' a tender version of Chris Cornell's 'The Keeper' and Bowie's 'Quicksand'.

Acoustic offerings have been a feature in their live shows for some time, and this is a way of repaying fans for their support and positive feedback about those songs, it's not hard to see why. When front woman Taylor, Momsen steps away from the band sound her vocal abilities are really laid bare, and the results are quite stunning. It's no wonder long-time fans hold their live acoustic versions in high esteem.


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