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Suzi Quatro Live at The London Palladium 15th November 2023

When Suzi Quatro was in her 30s an interviewer asked when she would retire, to which she replied "when I go on stage, shake my ass and the audience is silent". Fifty years after her first number one hit with 'Can The Can', Suzi Q is still rocking and rolling, and thankfully the audiences are far from silent.

Tonight she's back at The London Palladium with a show that crams in the last 5 decades into two sets, although you get the feeling Suzi would go on all night; she certainly has more than enough energy and material to do so. The career-spanning set kicks off with 'The Wild One' and only a few songs keep the 'engine' of the band (that's the bass and drums of course!) busy with the punchy 'Daytona Demon'. Bringing things right up to date Suzi performs the lead single from her stunning Face to Face album which was a collaboration with KT Tunstall 'Shine a Light'

We're just getting into the swing of things when Suzi has a surprise for us: She brings on SexPistols bass player, Glenn Matlock and fellow Gemini, Boy George on stage for a rendition of 'Stumblin In'.

This celebration of her career is so much more than a nostalgic throwback, it of course incorporates the songs that made her name but gives an all-rounded approach to her stellar career.

There are a few cover versions too. Suzi makes a point of never performing songs she hasn't previously recorded, so it was a joy to hear her renditions of CCR's 'Bad Moon Rising' and Neil Young's 'Rocking in the Free World' on the set list.

In Act 2 Suzi dresses in her trademark leather jumpsuit and is ready to crank up the rock. It's a reminder of Suzi's groundbreaking attitude to music, sex gender and even age - as a proud 73-year-old old she is still doing what she's always done with no intention of slowing down - Heaven forbid!

In a brief respite from the music she gives us a reprise of how she got into the music biz, and some of her achievements over the last 50 years: TV appearances in 'Happy Days', 'Minder' and 'Absolutely Fabulous' and she's also working on her second fiction novel, having already published six books!

After giving her superb band a moment to showcase what they can do, it's her turn and she lets rip with some serious bass lines that are even near heavy metal territory at times. Fair play Suzi Q!

After all that excitement, Suzi downs her bass and performs an intimate version of one of her favourite songs, another cover - The Eagle's 'Desperado'. It's a fitting way to close the evening.

Trailblazer, icon, musician, sweet little rock and roller, Suzi Quatro is all of these things and more. This superb live show is proof that you don't mess with the Queen of Rock and Roll.


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