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Bringing together the trip-hop style of Chinese Man with tropical influences from Baja Frequencia and the incredible scratches of Scratch Bandits Crew, The Drop is the first single from their upcoming collaborative album which will celebrate 15 years of Chinese Man Records.

The video follows a man in an abandoned space who is seemingly possessed by an invisible force that controls his every movement. Featuring exaggerated street and hip-hop dance steps, The Drop is the amped-up answer to Spike Jonze’s video for Fatboy Slim’s Weapon of Choice.

The Drop - Music Video

The music video for The Drop follows an anonymous figure who has appeared in a forsaken place. As soon as he arrives, the track begins to play and takes possession over his mind and body. The music acts as an invisible force and controls his movements as he explores and dances around the space to the rhythm of the track.   

As he moves around in this strange environment, he discovers an abandoned pool with a huge diving board.

The video finishes with him reaching the top of the diving board of the pool where he stops… time is suspended. What kind of invisible force between joy and despair drove him here? What is his journey?

The Drop is out now-

15 Year Anniversary Collaboration

Back in February 2019, three groups – Chinese Man, Scratch Bandits Crew and Baja Frequencia – retreated peacefully in the hills to compose together for a special anniversary. The idea: mix their diverse styles and inspirations by focusing on the spontaneity of their productions. 

The celebrations for the 15th anniversary of the label Chinese Man Records (CMR) coming up in 2020! Not surprisingly, in less than 10 days, 18 juicy tracks were composed. Six months later, 15 pieces were finally retained in a new album which reflects this exclusive combo: the trip-hop of Chinese Man is mixed with tropical influences from Baja Frequencia and sprinkled with incredible scratches of Scratch Bandits Crew.



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