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Quinn Sullivan releases new track 'Half My Heart'

Singer-songwriter and guitarist Quinn Sullivan has unveiled "Half My Heart," the latest single from his emotionally charged album, 'Salvation,' out June 7th via Provogue/Mascot Label Group. This song stands out as a cornerstone of the album, capturing the essence of heartbreak and resilience in the wake of a lost love. Quinn describes "Half My Heart" as one of his personal favorites, a track that delves deep into the sorrow of separation, with poignant lyrics that resonate with anyone who has faced the despair of a failing relationship.

"'Half My Heart' is about that profound sense of loss when someone you've shared your life with drifts away," says Quinn. "The line 'you didn't have to steal ‘cause you had the key' really embodies the whole song for me. It's a reflection on how painful it can be when you've given everything to someone, only to be let down. It's a feeling many of us know all too well."

The release of "Half My Heart" follows the announcement of Sullivan's fifth album, 'Salvation,' an album that has already garnered acclaim for its raw honesty and musical sophistication. Recorded in the wake of personal tragedy, 'Salvation' is a testament to Quinn's growth as an artist and his ability to transform grief into a source of strength and inspiration. With this latest single, Sullivan continues to explore the themes of love, loss, and redemption that permeate the album.

Over the past few years, Quinn Sullivan has not only captured the attention of the music world with his guitar prowess but has also established himself as a compelling storyteller and songwriter. His evolution from a blues prodigy, touring with Buddy Guy, to a mature artist capable of conveying deep emotional truths through his music has been remarkable. With each release, Sullivan reaffirms his commitment to pushing the boundaries of his craft, blending his blues-rock roots with a more introspective songwriting approach.

This song follows on from "Dark Love," a song that encapsulates the allure and turmoil of a fraught love affair. “‘Dark Love’ is about those toxic relationships you can't seem to leave,” Quinn shares. “It's a story of two people who are so wrong for each other, but there's that fire that keeps them together, even though they know it's bad. We've all been there."

Showcasing Sullivan's continued mastery of blending storytelling with melody, set against the backdrop of his refined guitar skills that have become his signature, the announcement follows the release of the album’s fiorst single, "Salvation (Make Me Wanna Pray),” which laid the groundwork for this introspective project. Featuring the warm, swirling tones of a B3 organ and the expressive cries of a wah-wah pedal, "Salvation (Make Me Wanna Pray)" is a testament to Sullivan's ability to honor the roots of rock and soul while innovating within the genre, heralding his matured musical direction.

As Quinn continues to tour across the nation, "Half My Heart" is set to become an anthem for those navigating the complexities of love and heartache. His performances offer an intimate glimpse into the soul of an artist who is not afraid to bare his heart and share his journey with the world.

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