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Tell us a little bit about your new album and single.

A new single is called ‘Old Father Time’. It’s the first track of the four tracks we are releasing and they will all jam up to an EP.

OFT is a reflection of loss in time and it is inspired by our story of wrestling with family issues and loneliness and desperation. We don’t know a single person who hasn’t been a victim of loneliness and in this so-called new world, it’s something that everybody can relate to because everybody battles with time and we are all always racing against the very nature of life.

What inspired the album or single?

During the writing process, we were sitting in an old room filled with old furniture on a cold day. Our view was the Brighton seafront and as the sky was flooded with pink and purple clouds during the sunset we kept pushing harder for more honesty and how we felt as individuals with nothing during that time. To write something that everybody can relate to, you have to put aside a part of who you are and accept how much you have lost. What you are gaining in return are the poem and the melody and that drives everyone to understand music. Pretentious lyrics are like fake orgasms, they sound good, but they don’t feel great.

Can you some of the album and a few words?

A musical universe.

What record change your life and why?

For Rooz, it’s unknown pleasures by Joy division. That album is the epileptic dream no one will ever recreate. Jamie loves talking book by Stevie Wonder. The love behind the drums makes him question his own. Louis loves Grace by Jeff Buckley. The vocal walk and that I will make some lose his mind and he loves the drama between Jeff and Led Zeppelin . And for Jim, what’s the story morning glory by Oasis. It made him realise that he wanted to push that sound for the rest of his life.

Do you have a favourite music video film by your band or another artist?

We have a music video coming up where we film the publics first reaction is to our music and we love that. Could not care about anything or anyone sexualised or any video with a product placement. That’s going to be out real soon. One of the best music videos has to be the ‘video killed the radio star’ by The Buggles.

What would we find you doing when you’re not making music?

Gardening, walking the dogs, stressing about money and jobs like everyone else who is so blessed to be a UK citizen right now. We take short trips to the country every now and then as well.

Do you get nervous performing live if so how do you deal with that?

We get a bit nervous about dealing with unprofessional weirdos at some of the places we go to perform. Some people are just borderline horrible, but that’s expected as well. You can’t please everyone so it’s plug-in plug out and make sure everybody has a good time while we’re on.

How did you form the band?

After we fired Pete Doherty for excessive thinking, We thought it would be a brilliant idea to reach out to some old friends from school and little did we know it was way easier to get along then. Newest member Louis who is on the bass, has recently joined us and we all get along like a house on fire.

How do you write? Do you have a key songwriter or do you all work together?

It varies. We have our own individual mindsets but it’s Rooz and Jim who are the main key writers and what Louis and Jamie do is that they complete what they create when we come together as a band . recently we have been working equally on a number of songs and if there is one place where the magic happens it’s Rooz’s old room at his mum’s place. It’s a little purple and green room. We sit there with the Guitars and the Vibe is just perfect.

What inspires you?

When we see people unite and put their differences aside and dance and laugh together while we play and sing along together, That is the most fulfilling thing in the world.

What is next?

We are planning to take over the US presidency and become the first British band to rule the United States. It’s going to be fantastic. Nobody has more respect for the presidency then us. We are going to be number one on Facebook forever.

Next to that, we can’t wait to get back on stage, release a few more singles followed by an EP and the great escape in 2021.

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