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The Bedford based Numetal/Metalcore band discuss their music and new track The Demons I Hide #thedemonsihide

PLEASE INTRODUCE YOURSELF FOR US WHO ARE NOT FAMILIAR WITH YOU AND YOUR MUSIC AND TELL US A BIT ABOUT YOURSELF. Hi everyone! We're Dialekt, NuMetal/Metalcore band based in Bedford. The band as it is has been around since 2018 when Jamie joined the crew to create the cohesive whole that you see today. TELL US A LITTLE BIT ABOUT YOUR NEW SINGLE? The Demons I Hide was released recently to an extensive audience and has received positive reviews across the board. It's the first track of ours that deals very directly with an issue that many people face, but fewer people see. It's less of an actual message about mental health than it is a beacon for those who suffer with this sort of issue. It's hard hitting in more ways than one, and heavy as you like. WHAT INSPIRED THE SINGLE? Matt had written the lyrics to this track a long time ago when all seemed lost and everything that was good seemed a bit too far to reach. Musically, it had been in the writing for a couple of years, with a strong NuMetal backbone coupled with some heavy metalcore elements CAN YOU SUM UP THE ALBUM IN A FEW WORDS? Hard, heavy, suited to rainy days. WHAT RECORD CHANGED YOUR LIFE AND WHY? It's hard to choose any specific album but we'd be lying if things like Linkin Parks 'Hybrid Theory', or Papa Roach's 'Infest' didn't change our lives at all. DO YOU HAVE A FAVOURITE MUSIC VIDEO FILMED BY YOUR BAND OR ANOTHER ARTIST? The two videos we've recorded so far are pretty much tied with different elements of both taking points. The Fight is better for things like emotion and feeling, Underwater for the symbology and meaning. WHAT WOULD WE FIND YOU DOING WHEN YOU'RE NOT MAKING MUSIC? Mostly practising the stuff we've already made, but we like to take in a few gigs every now and then, spend time with our partners and families, and get together to plan our next move. DO YOU GET NERVOUS PERFORMING LIVE, IF SO HOW DO YOU DEAL WITH THAT? There's always an element of being a bit shaky before a set, but we remain confident that our audience is going to love what we've come to perform. We all became part of the band because we loved the sound and believe that those who listen to us will not regret doing so HOW DID YOU FORM THE BAND? The band was formed way back in 2013 by Mariano who had previously been playing in a relatively big band back in Poland. He came to the UK and, despite having a lot of set backs, namely loads of lineup changes, stuck with it and persisted. Mat joined in 2015, Matt in 2017, and Jamie in 2018, and Dialekt was complete with the strongest group of musicians it had seen. Since 2017, the band has seen many gigs, countless radio plays around the world, and even a slot with HRH at the O2 in Birmingham. HOW DO YOU WRITE? - DO YOU HAVE A KEY SONGWRITER, OR DO YOU ALL WORK TOGEHTER? He's been mentioned a lot, but he's a guitar wizard. Mariano writes a good majority of the music. We're a democracy though, so we're all able to make suggestions and change things to make sure the sound is perfect. Matt writes all the lyrics but again, the band as whole has some influence over what goes into the finished project. WHAT INSPIRES YOU? We've been listening to music since the day we were born and decided it was something we all wanted to become a part of one day. There are different things for each person but ultimately, we all want to leave our mark on the world. Isn't that what we're born to do?

WHAT IS NEXT? We're looking at getting some more studio time booked asap as we have a LOT to share with all of you. The virus has cleared a lot of room in our diary but we still have some dates booked in. We're also looking at a few other bits but it's a little hush-hush. You'll have to keep an eye on our social media for that. PLEASE TELL US ANY SOCIAL MEDIA LINKS SO WE CAN SHARE. First off, trusty Facebook. Come here to check out updates etc, and feel free to send us a message. We'd love to hear from you all! Come here to our Spotify where you'll find everything we've recorded so far. You can also check us out on over 190 streaming sites so you'll never be without a Dialekt fix Here's our YouTube channel where you'll find our videos. We have two filmed and two animations with lyrics so you can scream along with us next time we're in your neck of the woods

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