Meet Truth & Tragedy, a 5-piece post-hardcore band from Bamberg, Germany. Their music is raw, heavy and emotional. The band love experimenting with other alternative genres like pop-punk, hardrock and metalcore.

We chat to the band about what makes them tick!

Tell us a little bit about your new album or single.

We’ve just released our EP ‘Blood on Blood’ - it’s a return to our roots, where we explore

the duality of family love, and explore both the happiest and the most tragic experiences

in our family lives.

What inspired the album or single?

We love taking a theme and exploring both the light and the dark within our music, which

is what we’ve done in our EP ‘Blood on Blood’. Our first track, ‘Artery’, is a moody

instrumental which sets the tone of the EP. Our second track, ‘My Brother’s Keeper’, is a

raw, hard-hitting message to a brother after his attempted suicide, and looks at the

hardships families can endure. Our last song, ‘Neo’, is a total contrast, and is a loving

tribute celebrating guitarist Freddy’s new-born son, who actually had his first birthday on

our EP release day!

Can you sum up the album in a few words?