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Pet Shop Boys 'Nonetheless' Review - "Tennant and Lowe have made a modern masterpiece of sophisticated electro pop"

The latest album by electro pop icons Pet Shop Boys is produced by James Ford, who has a knack of mixing electronica alongside other soundscapes to create a rich tapestry of sound. It’s no wonder his skills have been in demand from the likes of Depeche Mode, Kylie Minogue and a collaboration with Madonna has been a potential inevitability for years. 

Working his magic with PSB draws in the well balanced tones from their heyday and brings the slick mix inline with contemporary and dance music. With a musical redolence to 'Domino Dancing', ‘Dancing Star’ is a tribute to Rudolf Nureyev, that has just as much poise and elegance.  Neil Tennant's distinctive sprechgesang weaves throughout the album like a master storyteller and poet. This is perhaps most evident on the wonderfully sentimental 'A New Bohemia." 

Nostalgia, longing and yearning strings are no stranger to the duo, having brought in orchestra arrangements in pervious album releases and their scores for 'Battleship Potemkin and Closer to Heaven.'

'The Schlager Hit Parade' is a mid point miss-step that feels a bit trite and contrived, but this is easily overlooked by the jazzy bossa nova brilliance of 'The Secret of Happiness' and the flawlessly fabulous 'Love is the Law'.

It's poised to be their highest charting album in 31 years, and deservedly so: Under Ford's watch Tennant and Lowe have made a modern masterpiece of sophisticated electro pop


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