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All proceeds from the t-shirt will help fund grassroots music venues through the continued economic threats and challenges they face. Taken from UK rockers Bad Touch’s latest single, a rock and roll cover of Kiki Dee’s 1974 hit I’ve Got The Music In Me, the t-shirt and Marshall encourage everyone in the music industry and their fans to stand up and support their local venues whilst declaring “I’ve Got The Music In Me”. The single is taken from Bad Touch’s new album Kiss the Sky out June 19th. Commenting on the partnership,  Mark Davyd “Music Venue Trust is delighted that a business so renowned for their connection to live music has stepped forward to help raise money for grassroots music venues. It may still be some time before you can visit a venue but you can help #saveourvenues by buying and wearing Marshall's campaign T-shirt.”

The “I’ve Got the Music In Me#saveourvenues t-shirt can be purchased here:

Jonathan Ellery, Managing Director of Marshall Amplification said“Everything we do at Marshall Amplification and Marshall Records encompasses live music and we admire what Music Venue Trust are doing with their #saveourvenues campaign. We are excited to be partnering with them to raise funds and help grassroots venues to be able to continue to push the success of live music.”

Marshall Amplification, based in Buckinghamshire, have close personal connections not only to their local venues The Craufurd Arms and MK11, but to venues all across the UK that see their amplifiers on stage every week. Marshall was founded with the ethos to help artists make themselves heard on the very stages that are now at threat of closure.

Launched on April 27th, the#saveourvenuescampaign has already amassed over £2,000,000 donations with support from likes of Amazon Music, SJM and a number of high-profile artists and music fans throughout the UK. Artists and Venues are being provided with tools and guidance to get involved with#saveourvenuesto help raise funds and awareness with the target of helping venues during times like these. Music fans are also encouraged to show their support by engaging with the#saveourvenuesshows and donating to their local venue’s crowd funding pages. Fans can also choose to donate directly to the main#saveourvenuesfund via the campaign website.

More information on#saveourvenuesand instructions on how to get involved can be found

More information on the Music Venue Trust can be found

More information on Marshall Amplification can be found


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