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The Canadian producer returns with another pumping electro rock track

Initially 'Our Moment' was inspired by a love of sports and wanting to construct a track that rouses a crowd. Adrift's new track manages be empowering on a personal and team level. It's about seizing a chance, having a positive outlook and taking knockbacks in your stride on the way to success.

The pounding drum track certainly pushes things forward and the vocal works well with the blend of subtle electronic sounds that Adrift has laid down. Although the guitar solo at the end aims to accelerate things to a winning climax, it falls a bit short of hopes by being a bit too tentative rather than letting rip and aiming for the touchdown. Luckily the vocalist's star performance carries the track across the line.

After the Annus horribilis that has been 2020, this upbeat, driving music is exactly the sort of track that we need on our playlists to propel us into the next (and hopefully) better year.

Listen to the track HERE

ABOUT ADRIFT: Adrift is a Toronto based producer who creates most of his

sounds through a collection of Hardware synths and drums. Adrift has a wide

variety of musical influences from Kings Of Leon, Calvin Harris, Red Hot Chilli

Peppers, Blink 182, Kaskade and Deadmau5. Adrift started out in a rock band but

then developed a passion for Electronic Music and decided to pursue that.

Listen to the track HERE



Soundcloud: Instagram: Adrift_t.o


TikTok: adrift_producer


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