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An insightful and life-affirming album

Everyone I know will die: This inconvenient, but sad fact of life propels the latest release by songwriter and all-round polymath, Kulick.

Although the title may make you feel uncomfortable, this isn't a maudlin collection of Smiths-style songs, it's a life-affirming album.

For someone so young, Kulick has deep insight into the human condition. As someone who's experienced severe anxiety, felt like an outsider and faced loss, Kulick has realised that we have little control over some things in life, and with that comes freedom. Unfettered, Kulick has chosen to accept the journey and enjoy the ride.

The ride he takes us on is a collection of seven vignettes and ruminations (the whole album clocks in at under 20 minutes) but it's brimming with positivity. The candid lyrics are heartfelt, and while there's the occasional wobble (the album's final moments for example) it's an album that urges us to be grateful, embrace what we can change, and let go of the stuff we can't. The opening track 'Necessities' sets the bar here that if something isn't making us happy, move on. There's also the feel the fear and do it anyway approach to the opening, as the lyric “I'm scared to death to feel alive” would show. 'The People I Know (Don't Like Me)' is another example of casting aside elements of your life that don't work. Life is too short for doubters and ultimately as the title points out, none of us get out alive, so what's the point of letting haters hold you back. 'Time to Go' is an anthemic call to arms that urges us not to go gentle into that good night. It's also the lead single and perhaps most radio-friendly offering.

The upbeat alt pop-rock nature that underpins the tracks gives a carefree feeling to Kulick's music, so you'd be forgiven for thinking that this meant adopting a hedonistic, devil may care approach; far from it, the songs are from a place of honesty and integrity.

If there's anything that you can take from the album it's that every day is another chance and we have to embrace it.

'Everyone I Know Will Die' is out 28th January 2022 on Enci Records

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