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Denny Laine: musician with The Moody Blues and Wings dies aged 79

Denny Laine, lead singer of The Moody Blues and guitar player in Wings has died after a long illness at the age of 79.

Denny was born Brian Hines and grew up in Birmingham where Gypsy jazz guitar legend, Django Reinhardt was his earliest musical influence.

Denny took his stage name from his childhood nickname and his favourite singer, Frankie Laine.

As a member of The Moody Blues, he was the lead singer on their number-one hit 'Go Now' but departed the band before the band reclaimed success with 'Nights in White Satin'.

He would go on to join Paul McCartney in Wings and co-write 'Mull of Kintyre'.

In a press statement, Denny's wife Elizabeth said, "he fought every day. He was so strong and brave."


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