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The Sheffield lads are back with and they have brought their adrenalized show onto Blu-Ray and DVD with bags of pyro(mania) and just a bit of hysteria. Def Leppard hasn't filmed a live show since 1988; their Detroit show from 2016 demonstrates their continued prowess as one of the greatest British rock bands.

Filmed in the glorious settings of the DTE Energy Music amphitheatre, Michigan the band bring stadium rock to a whole new level. Positioned behind an armada of video screens, to rival any Orwellian style Bond villain, this is clearly a spectacle of a show.

It's an energetic hit heavy set, but as a concert to commit to film, it's pretty flawless. The band, like so many from that era, have not aged, and nor has their music. Let's Go cranks things up from the beginning before striding into notable Leppard songs like Animal, Let's Get Rocked, Pour Some Sugar On Me before ending with Photograph.

The band themselves look and sound better than ever. Joe Elliot's vocals sound unchanged by thirty plus years of touring and recording- if anything his tenor vocal has added clarity and depth. Despite being the heartbeat of the band, drummers all too often find themselves hidden at the back of the stage, missing all the limelight; here not only is Rick Allen's distinctive powerhouse drumming very much a part of the show, the camera gets nice and cosy with his drum kit too.

The visuals and sound on this concert are one of the few presentations that actually live up to the hype. At times it feels as if you are literally on stage with the band - you can literally see the sweat running down Phil Collen's Herculean torso; that's pretty rock and roll.

By the end of the night, the audience reception (and the electric bill) is astronomical. Apart from the light show, there's no frills here, no fancy showmanship, just a very strong emphasis on the songs and the music. There are not many bands these days who are happy to play sets that last over two hours; with Union Jacks adorning their stage, Def Leppard keeps the enduring spirit of British rock very much for all ages.

Groupie Rating: 4/5

4 star rating


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