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Daxx & Roxane's Ep 4x4 left many rock fans itching for more, now the Swiss rockers are back with their debut album Ticket To Rock and it's a one-way ticket to hard rock heaven.

The incendiary titular opener is a screaming, testosterone fuelled track ladened with more than enough kick ass rhythm and ferocious shredding to get the blood pumping. From here on in it's a Devilishly enjoyable ride, and if your pulse rate doesn't get above 98.6, you need to get more fun out of life. Girl Next Door is a meaty blues-tinged track that has the sexy, sweaty vibe of Led Zeppelin having a love in with Aerosmith- if only it lasted longer! The song has more ripping rock vocals from Cedric Wymann, which are an amalgam of all the mighty frontmen from throughout the history of rock. He may lack the unique edge, but he makes up for it with power and prowess. Wild Child and Leaving For Tomorrow alternate between the feel of a slow ballad styles and full on adrenalized rock, offering more variety than your average rock album these days. Hard Rockin' Man embraces this blues fusion with a honking harmonica solo to pair off the two retro styles.

The album is filled with energetic melodies and raucous attitudes of stadium rockers of old. Daxx & Roxane put the hot and heavy hard rock sound with the melodic riffing of the blues, thereby avoiding too many rock cliches and running headlong into musical parody. Although they step into the 70s on occasion, this is an album rooted in the glam metal era ditching everything we hated (but secretly loved about the genre) and focus on the melodies.

Groupie Rating 3/5:



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