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Chvrli Blvck has managed to ace the three-minute song with his new track 'Why did You Go?' The stripped-back acoustic track is layered with retro style synths and a bittersweet, yearning vocal from Chvrli. He doesn't overwork the instrumentation, he doesn't need to - his emotive vocal says it all. The track just builds with emotion until its somber conclusion. It's only just over three minutes, but this tale of lost love captures everything that needs to be said from sorrow to despair, the grief is palpable on this track. Chvrli doesn't overwork the instrumentation, his emotive vocal says it all.

CHVRLI BLVCK is a London-born singer-songwriter living in the New Forest, known for his vocal prowess and emotionally raw style. His music reflects his personal struggles with mental health, with an eclectic but immediately recognisable sound, influenced by artists such as Jeff Buckley, The Maccabees, and Fiona Apple.

He began releasing music in mid-2022 and has quickly developed a dedicated online following, with over a quarter of a million streams, positive reviews, podcast interviews, and regular airplay on independent radio stations. He has also entered the live arena with some success performing small shows, and is fast becoming a fixture of the local scene.

His upcoming single, "Why Did You Go?", released 03/03/23, in conjunction with End of The Trail Creative, is a poignant and deeply personal account of the aftermath of a breakup. It begins as a gentle ballad, "People are already walking in my house", builds to a pleading refrain, "Why did you go?”, and concludes with the pain of acceptance, “Feel like I missed my train”.

"Why Did You Go?" blends simple acoustic guitar with layered vocals and retro-inspired synths to create a hauntingly beautiful soundscape, which rises and falls in harmony with the emotional journey it imparts.


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