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Eric Clapton once said that “Sonny Landreth is probably the most underestimated musician on the planet, and also probably one of the most advanced.”  When a guitarist, who many have called God speaks of another so highly, you know they're onto something.

Not only does Landreth relish playing around with sounds and styles, seamlessly knitting them together, but he also does it without the fanfare that you normally expect from guitarists of his calibre.

This is an album that isn't about showing off, it's all about telling a story. Whether it's through instrumentals like Beyond Borders and Groovy Goddess, sultry ballads such as Somebody Gotta Make A Move, or zydeco inspired Lover Dance With Me. There's a natural flow to these songs, with each musical vignette having a distinctive feel that creates a narrative arc.

Blacktop Run clearly shows Landreth's technical abilities, but this ten-song album also demonstrates his love of experimentation, and not being afraid to step away from his comfort zone. You really never know what he's got up his sleeve next.


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