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When Gary Moore died suddenly in 2011, a generation lost a guitar hero. Perhaps some consolation for the void, is the body of work they leave behind. Typically for musicians, there is some kind of posthumous release to remind the world of the icon that lived.

Moore's discography is certainly extensive, and he already has several live albums in the list, but there is something more poignant about this album. Recorded in 2009, 14 months before Gary Moore's passing, the album gets a release for the first time. Aside from being a point of nostalgia for fans who were there on the night, as the anniversary of his death approaches, it's a reminder of a guitarist who was at the top of his game.

The blues oozes from the setlist, and his skill proves that the genre was the one he was most comfortable with. He eases into the set with Oh, Pretty Woman, and it sounds like a guitar master warming for what is to come. There's no hurry to turn his talent, or showmanship. As he continues to feel his way, he arrives at John Mayall's Have You Heard? and there is no turning back, and the genius of Gary Moore is certainly let loose from the cage.

He saves his most well-known tracks for later in the set, ending on a superior performance of Parisienne Walkways, that reminds us all that Gary Moore wasn't only a legend, he was one of a kind.


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