Personnel changes and various ups and downs during the last 36 years has meant that Quiet Riot have struggled for an identity for some time. Just when things appeared to be getting back on track, vocalist James Durbin leaves the band as soon as the album was delivered, handing the reins back to former vocalist Jizzy Pearl.

Even though it's the end of another chapter in the Quiet Riot story, it's largely business as usual. There's classic rock riffs galore and soaring melodies aplenty. The band hang on to the arena sound they are known for with tracks like Don't Call It Love and In The Blood. From there on the album overflows with arena ready tracks like Hellbender and Change or Die. Durbin manages to fill the big shoes of Kevin DuBrow on the album or at least feels more comfortable wearing them. The energy and the synergy of the band feels like a welcome return to form. However, the departure of Durbin and the announcement that drummer Frankie Banali is ill, make Hollywood Cowboys feel like another full stop in the band's long career.

Whatever the future holds, Quiet Riot are one of those bands that will always exist to deliver solid, melodic rock, no matter who is in the band.

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