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Barfly Camden 3rd June 2015

Tokyo Taboo are one of those bands you can't help liking and sneakily have to admire. Brimming with influences from 80s electro to punk through to rock, they have carved out their own genre niche. Watching their stage show brings back memories of the intro for 80s cartoon Jem; Like the rock singer in the show, Tokyo Taboo are also 'truely outragous!' Their cartoonish image is enhanced by their provocative and fun lyrics. They are a total riot!

Lead singer Dolly Daggerz is part Bowie, part Toyah blended with a bit of Debbie Harry and Cyndi Lauper and a oinch of Lena Lovich. Dressed in what can only be described as a skin tight, pink bubble wrap she owns the stage and is able to command an audience with plenty of charisma and attitude. Guitarist, Mike is the rock of the band supplying those punchy guitar licks and riffs dressed in his trademark cap and luminous pink 'I Only Wear Black' T shirt!

At the Barfly the band showcase their latest EP Leech at breakneck speed. Starting with the ballsy title track and moving into Papercut and Emotional suicide Tokyo Taboo certainly know how tocreate a catchy electro pop tune which makes you want to dance dance dance.Old fan favourite Porno Star appears in the set alongside the new tracks including the closest thing TT get to a ballad, Drowning, inspired by Dolly's personal battle with depression and the audatious new track Bubbilicious.

Those that became familiar with TT from their debut EP last year won't be disappointed. They are still just as crazy as a Japanese game show and just as watchable!

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