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The band teased us with new material last month when they released Unchained. It's a song that is so fiercely ravenous and expertly constructed that it's hard to believe this is a band who only formed in 2015. Their debut album from 2017 may have been received with plenty of acclaim, but their musical and lyrical maturity hasn't so much jumped it's taken Godzilla sized leaps this time round. The solid riffs, the sparky drums, the heavy duty vocals and the massive sound, it's all there in spades. Here is a band who have found their sound and their style very early on and have been prepared to work hard to uncover it. Despite the EP's title, there's no need for Mephistopheles style pacts with the dark lord; their future success can be something they capable of achieving on their own merits.

The EP keeps things energized, As Joe Hawx sings on Keep Fighting - “you've got what it takes now,” and they probably have. It would be a good indicator of their overall progress if they took things down a notch for the occasional track, just to prove they have all bases covered. But a more varied light and shade in their sound will probably have to wait until their next full length release. For now, strap yourself in, and get ready for an adrenaline rush. Wicked Stone have clearly put in the groundwork and are ready to be unleashed.

Groupie Rating 4/5

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