Armed only with a lamenting bagpipe and an otherworldly vocal, the new track from La Loba is a somewhat uneasy listen. After the initial haunting instrumentation and waiflike vocals you expect the song to kick up a gear and present with a hypnotic beat - no doubt played on a cajon - like something out of The Sensual World - but it never materializes. Instead, the song resists adding other elements, steadfastly continuing its course of being naked, exposed, raw and wild to reflect the song's meaning of inner transformation.

Each song comes from a journey of personal importance and experience. Address reflects story of transforming inner being. Like after day here comes the night, there’s a place for any feeling, without labeling it positive or negative. Most vital is to find an eternal internal path where we are alive at any given moment. For Fans Of: Francesca Gagnon, Lisa Gerrard



There’s a saying that somewhere in a hidden place lives a creature named La Loba. Her only work is to collect bones, especially of those which are in danger of being lost to the world. And when the entire skeleton is assembled, she sings a song, unique to this soon-to-be-reborn being, and it is the song that makes this being alive and fleshy. La Loba is a band inspired by the insight that every song comes from a journey to wild places where dragons are to be slaughtered and treasures are to be found and brought back to the known world. Olga Redko, La Loba lead vocalist and songwriter, sees La Loba songs as a vehicle for people to hear their journey calling and hence embrace to live their true, somewhat frightening, and of course joyous life.


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I wound within, I ran outside Was freaking lost without the light I sat and cried for hidden signs For joyful heart to feel the night How can my dream become true? How can my dream become true? The desert path - where do you lead? How come I know this inner street? I long for you, I'm scared to fail No time for doubt: I leave my jail How can my dream become true? How can my dream become true? I walk, then run. The road is clear To find my sun I hide no tears Miles turn to dust, world stops in peace And I see Her, The Wild Mistress How can my dream become true? How can my dream become true? Here I am. Grey rough hair. Bleeding feet. Silent pray. Looking wild. Feeling blessed. Hearing Her mild address. How can my dream become true? How can my dream become true? How can my dream become true? Wake up. And sing. I’m here - within.

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