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“I was baptised in gasoline” is a statement that sums up the forth album from Pennsylvanian rockers Crobot. Expect thumping, hypnotic bass lines, growling guitars, tribal drums and even the odd fiendish Pied Piper harmonica to sass things up. Then add Brandon Yeagley's vocals to set the whole thing alight, stand back and watch them burn. Anyone who's caught their incendiary live shows know that their frontman is outlandishly theatrical, and makes a perfect centerpiece for the band. On the record he manages to encapsulate that animation and dynamism, practically leaping out of the stereo. Their love of Black Sabbath and heavy metal will be evident on Stoning the Devil and Drown, but Low Life and Alpha Dawg epitomize the low slung grooves that run through the album albeit in varying degrees of heaviness. The band describe the album as all about 'meat, strings and emotion' from the riffs to the impassioned, ear splitting vocals, it's all there in brain rattling bucket-loads.

Groupie rating 4/5

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