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FFO: Von Hertzen Brothers and Vola.

Spylights is a 4 piece prog rock band from Metairie, comprised of Vincent - Vocals and Guitar, Tommy - Bass, Brett- Drums and Sage- Horns.

Their debut single Empath is an understated commentary on our divided societies, identities, love and human relationships. Although the majority of the track takes a softer approach, there's hints of the band's heavier influences in the final section of the track. Just how much they explore the rockier side of the genre remains to be seen, but if their debut single is an indicator of their style, Spylights embrace elements of modern progressive music alongside a contemporary American rock style. It feels very much as if the track is a prelude to a wider, conceptual piece of work. It's a bit of a teaser, but you won't have to wait long, their first EP is released at the end of May.

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