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Female fronted prog rock band Tillian began back in 2014 when singer-songwriter Leah Marcu started working on a solo album, drawing from her personal turmoils as well as her background in psychology and mysticism. By 2017 the band had become a 7 piece outfit that could create a theatrical live experience and deliver the sonic landscape that fits Tillian's lyrical imagery.

Lotus graveyard is a conceptual album about transformation in all its forms, for good and bad. Much of the album focussed on conflict from internal and external factors. Black Holes demonstrates the band's heavier sound with sinister keyboards and a traditional synth metal cocoon of guitars and percussion, while I'm Too Close deals with the fear of commitment verses the attraction of being close to another person. Monster is a dynamic example of Marcu's vocal dexterity and theatricality, using her voice as an instrument rather than merely performing the songs. Earth Walker, the album's closer, encompasses the power of a melancholic cello alongside her breathy and haunting vocal.

Lotus Graveyard is a thought provoking album that is unafraid to delve to darker side of the mystical, and see the beauty in rebirth.

Groupie Rating 3/5

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